It only takes a moment to make a difference in someone’s life…

A friend shared this post on Facebook this morning and said it was okay to share. I don’t know the person who originally posted it but I do know the friend who shared the post wouldn’t have if it wasn’t a true story. It was a nice reminder┬áthat there are people in the world who are willing to help even if it’s just a ride. You never know when that one small act of kindness might mean more to the person receiving it. Here’s the story…

I had the opportunity to meet a guy named Chuck tonight. He was walking down a country road when I came up on him with my truck. It was pitch black out. I was taking the long way home from visiting my Dad. I didn’t see Chuck on the edge of the shoulder until the last second. I swerved left. Barely missing him. I backed up and asked him if he wanted a ride. He accepted. As we drove into town it was then I realized he was trying to build up the courage to commit suicide. He said he was hoping I would have hit him back there. Or the next car anyways. He told me his current story. I felt sad for him. He gave me directions to a friends house. Chuck was hoping his friend would let him crash at his place for the night. We arrived at his friend’s house and I could sense our brief ride together was what he needed. I shook his hand but he wouldn’t let go and he started to shake and cry. I prayed for him and spoke life over him. A cool breeze blew through the truck and Chuck started to cry deeply. After a while he thanked me and said this was what he needed. I told him I am the one who is thankful tonight. He got out of my truck and said “don’t worry Joe. I’m going to be ok now.”

Thank you Jesus for setting my path home tonight. A minute sooner or later I would have missed the chance to meet Chuck. God is so good.

When a moment presents itself to help someone I hope you will take the opportunity….You could just save that person’s life!